Activities At A Glance

The Opening Night Meet & Greet

Festival Hall
1215 - 10 Ave SE

Thursday, Aug 2 from 7pm to 9pm

Late Night Club Cabaret presents ... apt 33 by the kinkonauts!

Festival Hall
1215 - 10 Ave SE

Nightly during the run of the Festival (Fri Aug 3 to Sat Aug 11):  11:30pm to 1 am-ish (times subject to change)

Cheap beer, great entertainment! Great chance to kick back and party down with the Fringe artists and fellow volunteers. Hosted by The Kinkonauts!

Fringe Wind Up Celebration

Festival Hall
1215 - 10 Ave SE

Saturday, August 11 @ 11:30 pm

Come celebrate the Festival’s success and meet your fellow volunteers and the artists at our Fringe Wind Up Celebration, hosted by The Kinkonauts during the Late Night Cabaret.

Volunteer Appreciation shows

For a current listing of available Volunteer Appreciation shows, click here.

Fringe Discounts

Flash ‘em your Fringe Button! Not only do you get this cool Fringe Button BUT you also have access to great discounts at some of our local Inglewood merchants, restaurants, and stores.  For a complete listing of offers, check out the "Shows, Fringe Buttons" section of our website. 

Theme Days

Theme Days run every day of the Fringe. Make a game of it; have fun!

Friday, Aug 3: Friday the 13!!
Saturday, Aug 4: Fiesta Day
Sunday, Aug 5: Say Something Hat Day
Monday, Aug 6: Hippy Day
Tuesday, Aug 7: Tutu Tuesday / Pajama Day
Wednesday, Aug 8: Nerd Day
Thursday, Aug 9: 50's Happy Dayz
Friday, Aug 10: Punk Rock / Steampunk Day
Saturday, Aug 11: "Saturday Night Fever" Disco Day