What is a Fringe button and why do I need one?

In order to attend any Calgary Fringe show, you must purchase a Fringe button. 

Think of the Fringe button as your annual membership pass, available for a one-time cost of $5. It proudly displays that you, our patron, are a loyal Fringe member. It's also pretty cute and colourful.

A Fringe button is mandatory for admission to all Calgary Fringe shows and events.

Fringe buttons are required for patrons 13 and over. Up to four children, ages 12 and under, can accompany one adults with a Fringe button. Remember: no Fringe button means no admission, even if you have a ticket!

As a not-for-profit arts festival, this small fee assists with theatre rental costs, technician wages, lighting, staging and sound.

Fringe buttons also help us keep costs down for participating Calgary Fringe artists, which is very important to us as well - ensuring that each and every one of our artists receive 100% of their ticket price from the box office.


Where can I buy a Fringe button?

You can get your hands on a Fringe button either online or in person. It's up to you.



Fringe buttons can be reserved online when you buy tickets to a show. Once you've selected the show(s) you want to attend from the online store, there will be an on-screen checkbox option to add a Fringe button to your purchase for $5. OR you can reserve your Fringe Button on a separate order.

Your Fringe Button(s) will be waiting for you at the venue of your first show. Please present yourself to the venue Box Office Manager to collect your buttons at least 15 min prior to show start time.



Fringe buttons can also be bought in person at the main information booth or from each venue box office location (cash only at the venue box office locations) daily throughout the run of this year's Calgary Fringe. 


Does the Fringe button come with any perks?

Glad you asked. It sure does! When you wear your Fringe button, you can take advantage of many special discounts from friendly local merchants, shops, cafes and restaurants in Inglewood.

It's a great way to support our wonderful host community, enjoy a good deal and relax or explore between Calgary Fringe shows. Just flash your Fringe button to save from August 2-10, 2019. It's as simple as that!

List of participating merchants thus far: