Fringe Button

In order to attend any Fringe shows, all patrons must become a member of the Society.  This Fringe Button is your annual membership pass or gateway to all Fringe shows or events, and proudly displays you, our patron, as a loyal Fringe Member. As a non-profit Festival, this membership fee assists with the theatre rental costs, technician wages, lighting, staging and sound. At the end of the day, it keeps the Fringe artists' participation costs way down so we can continue giving the Fringe artists 100% of their artist set ticket price!

Each Fringe Button is $ 5.00 and is mandatory when attending any Fringe theatre shows or events.


ONLINE OPTION - Fringe Buttons may be pre-purchased online when booking your shows.  Once your online purchase has been completed, bring the voucher with you to the venue your first show is performing at and collect your Fringe Buttons from our venue box office staff. 

ONSITE OPTION - Fringe Buttons may also be purchased (FOR CASH SALES ONLY!!) at either our Information Booth (click here for Info Booth Hours of Operation) or at each venue box office location (starting a half an hour prior to the scheduled performance) during the run of the Festival.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: No Fringe Button means No Admittance to the Show, even if you have a ticket! Fringe Buttons are required by all Fringe patrons age 13 and over. Up to four children, age 12 and under, can accompany one adult with a Fringe Button. So to avoid having to pay for another Fringe Button, make sure you bring it with ya!

BONUS: Special Discounts and Savings! Wear your Fringe Button when visiting some of our local Inglewood merchants and restaurants. Fringe Members will be treated to special discounts during the run of the Fringe!

Here is a current list of our participating Inglewood merchants (in no particular order):

Here’s how the Fringe Button works:

* *You purchase the Fringe Button: this is your badge of membership and is required by all Fringe patrons age 13 and over to gain admittance into the Fringe show or event, along with your ticket. Up to four children, age 12 and under, can accompany one adult with a Fringe Button.

* *You wear or carry your Fringe Button with you whenever you are coming to see a Fringe show or event: the Fringe Button, along with your ticket, is your gateway into all Fringe shows or events and must be displayed at all times to gain admittance. Don’t forget it!